insitu collective cycle IV

A series of three exhibitions that deal with the potential of time travel. Described as Corridors, each exhibition takes visitors on an unfolding narrative through a significant moment in time related to scientific discoveries or notorious events in history: from the future nuclear waste repository of Onkalo, to the signing of Ecuador’s rights of nature, to the moment alchemist Valdemar Daa tried and failed to produce the Philosopher’s Stone...

Corridor I:

In 2020 Onkalo - the first long-term nuclear waste repository in the world - will be ready for use in Finland. It will be a deep geological construction designed to store highly radioactive nuclear waste until its decay in 100,000 years. For ONKALO, visitors enter into speculations of how to communicate the site’s danger over thousands of years; of imagining who or what that information will be transmitted to; and what the potential discoverers will believe they have found when they come across Onkalo. read more >

22 October 2016 - 21 January 2017 @ insitu


In 2008, Ecuador was the first country in the world to implement the Rights of Nature into their constitution. Under this law, nature or Pachamama [the Andean earth goddess] is acknowledged in all its life forms as having the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles. This exhibition asks: What does it mean to see nature not only as a source for harvest and economic wealth, but as an equal partner? How do we understand and imagine this partner? What kind of different intelligences are contained within nonhuman worlds. read more >

24 February - 13 May 2017 @ insitu

Corridor III:

Centered on the alchemist Valdemar Daa, whose body lies in a coffin at the Viborg Cathedral, this exhibition presents a journey through the mysteries of transcendence, the potential for natural materials to hold treasures of incredible power, and one person’s obsessive search for the seemingly impossible. read more >

24 June - 3 September 2017 @ Viborg Kunsthal for Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017


insitu collective cycle III

A series of four exhibitions developed as fictional characters that create the feeling of entering into the private world or mind of a distinctive personality. Further, this approach is a means to  explore new curatorial potentials for bringing artworks together and creating immersive exhibition experiences.


From the outside we see a perfect sheen of composed confidence, sophistication, strength and beauty: a charismatic force that inspires and draws people into h/er world. Vic has created such a hologram of h/erself that s/he no longer knows who s/he is or what is real, it is easiest to believe in the projection: the golden idol, the chameleon, the power force. read more >

10 July - 2 October 2015 @ insitu


Jonny is not from this world: she’s a vision of a late-60s utopian fantasy, an enigmatic lonewolf who doesn’t break the rules because she doesn’t believe in them in the first place. She’s your dreamgirl from the future that has already passed. read more >

23 October - 19 December 2015 @ insitu


Madeleine’s memories are starting to falter. She moves along unfamiliar routes. Faces and places are blurred, the hour of the day has no meaning, and time itself makes leaps: in one minute Madeleine is 50 years old and in another, she is 84. Her reality shifts, at any moment she might find herself opposite her mother, sister or child. read more >

23 January – 5 March 2016


Between a savage and autistic human­ being, Charles is not the kind of person you can easily put into categories. He follows his instincts and is mostly interested in fulfilling his own needs, which can be reduced to basic necessities. But solitude has led him to a kind of decadence, in which sexual acts and drunkenness have become part of a daily routine. read more >

23 April – 7 May 2016 @ insitu


insitu collective cycle II

A series of exhibitions set up as ‘frameworks’ for different formats of exchange to engage collaboratively and gain a deeper understanding of different approaches to artistic work and curatorial processes. This includes exhibitions that respond directly to each other; invited exchanges between different project spaces or curators; and artistic responses to specific proposals.


Three artists, two parallel exhibitions: for parallelisms insitu invited an additional curator to see how shifts of curatorial perspectives can draw out different threads between the multi-layered practices of the artists Eli Cortiñas, Ingo Mittelstaedt and Sam Smith. read more >

13 March - 3 May 2015 @ insitu

O.K. - The Musical

(Pre-Production) and
(Dress Rehearsals)

O.K. - The Musical by artist and musician Christopher Kline is based around the history and lore of his hometown Kinderhook, New York. For this ongoing project, insitu was transformed into a dynamic space for production and rehearsals of the musical, culminating in the very first performance of O.K. – The Musical (Dress Rehearsals) at KW Institute for Contemporary Art.  read more >

15 January - 21 February 2015 @ insitu and 26 February 2015 @ KW Institute for Contemporary Art

extrasensory bonds

An exhibition designed as a laboratory for visitors to discover how artists work with extraordinary forms of communication, try out self-hypnosis, artistic healing methods, or register for a fortune telling session to discover their own extrasensory bonds. read more >

13 - 28 June 2014 @ insitu

meet your idol

From all-time superstars to small and humble role-models, personal idols take many different forms, giving us something to be awed by and aspire to. For meet your idol, insitu invited the German artist Helene Hellmich to reflect on those who have influenced her practice and to present her work alongside theirs.
 read more >

19 September - 18 October 2014 @ insitu