Edouard Baribeaud, Mike Bourscheid, Giom­ Guillaume Bruère, Damien Deroubaix, Jiří Georg Dokoupil, Éric Duyckaerts, Ben Quilty, Augustin Rebetez, Frederic Spreckelmeyer, Johannes Vogl

Exhibition curated by by insitu collective
(Marie Graftieaux, Nora Mayr, Gilles Neiens, Lauren Reid)

23 April – 7 May 2016
insitu, Berlin

JENNY: Oh show us the way
To the next whisky­bar.

6 MÄDCHEN: Oh, don’t ask why,

JENNY: For we must find the next whisky­bar,
For if we don’t find the next whisky­bar.

6 MÄDCHEN: I tell you we must die.

excerpt “Alabama Song” from the opera “Rise and Fall of the city Mahagonny”.
Music: Kurt Weill. Text: Bertolt Brecht

For quite a while now, the poet Charles has been living alone in a tiny apartment downtown. He barely receives guests at home, and goes out only on rare occasions, mostly to meet the casual partners of his debauchery.

Socialisation does not frighten him, it’s just not of interest to him. Between a savage and autistic human­ being, Charles is not the kind of person you can easily put into categories. He follows his instincts and is mostly interested in fulfilling his own needs, which can be reduced to basic necessities. But solitude has led him to a kind of decadence, in which sexual acts and drunkenness have become part of a daily routine.

The exhibition Charles aims to bring  visitors into a dark soul, the very inside of a personality which is disconnected from social realities. Charles gathers artworks that reflect on the feeling of belonging to an artist’s inner consciousness, almost unadapted for the outside world.


Charles is part of insitu collective’s Cycle III in which we present four group exhibitions, developed as if they were fictional characters. Each character is based on either a particular psychological profile, personality trait or an existing character found in literature, film or music.

Wall: Edouard Baribeaud Utopie 2013. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Nolan Judin, Berlin

Foreground: Johannes Vogl Feldbett / Fieldbed 2010. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Markus Georg

Charles (install view: pornography and poetry collection) 2016. Photo: Markus Georg

Johannes Vogl Feldbett / Fieldbed 2010. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Markus Georg

Damien Deroubaix Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod 2010. Courtesy the artist and Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg. Photo: Markus Georg

Charles (install view) 2016. Photo: Markus Georg

Charles (install view) 2016, Left: Ben Quilty, Jugs, 2014. Courtesy the artist and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Markus Georg

Giom - Guillaume Bruère, Untitled (Rinke Buch) 2014. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Markus Georg