Aurora Sander, Christian Falsnaes, Britta Thie

Exhibition curated by insitu collective
(Marie Graftieaux, Nora Mayr, Gilles Neiens, Lauren Reid) 

10 July - 2 October 2015
insitu, Berlin

Britta Thie HAVING A COKE W U 2014 (still)
Courtesy the artist

From the outside we see a perfect sheen of composed confidence, sophistication, strength and beauty: a charismatic force that inspires and draws people into h/er world. Vic is a shape-shifter, morphing h/er enigmatic facade into that which s/he believes is desired.

Vic has created such a hologram of h/erself that s/he no longer knows who s/he is or what is real, it is easiest to believe in the projection: the golden idol, the chameleon, the power force.


Vic is part of insitu collective’s Cycle III in which we present four group exhibitions, developed as if they were fictional characters. Each character is based on either a particular psychological profile, personality trait or an existing character found in literature, film or music.

left: Vic (install view) 2015
Photo: Markus Georg

right: Aurora Sander Trust no one 2015 (detail)
Courtesy the artists. Photo: Markus Georg

Vic (install view) 2015
Photo: Markus Georg

Aurora Sander Stammtisch (excerpt) 2015 (detail)
Courtesy the artists
Photo: Markus Georg

Christian Falsnaes Influence 2012 (still)
Courtesy the artist and PSM, Berlin

Vic (install view) 2015
Photo: Markus Georg


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