insitu collective cycle III

A series of four exhibitions developed as fictional characters that create the feeling of entering into the private world or mind of a distinctive personality. Further, this approach is a means to  explore new curatorial potentials for bringing artworks together and creating immersive exhibition experiences.


From the outside we see a perfect sheen of composed confidence, sophistication, strength and beauty: a charismatic force that inspires and draws people into h/er world. Vic has created such a hologram of h/erself that s/he no longer knows who s/he is or what is real, it is easiest to believe in the projection: the golden idol, the chameleon, the power force. read more >

10 July - 2 October 2015 @ insitu


Jonny is not from this world: she’s a vision of a late-60s utopian fantasy, an enigmatic lonewolf who doesn’t break the rules because she doesn’t believe in them in the first place. She’s your dreamgirl from the future that has already passed. read more >

23 October - 19 December 2015 @ insitu


Madeleine’s memories are starting to falter. She moves along unfamiliar routes. Faces and places are blurred, the hour of the day has no meaning, and time itself makes leaps: in one minute Madeleine is 50 years old and in another, she is 84. Her reality shifts, at any moment she might find herself opposite her mother, sister or child. read more >

23 January – 5 March 2016


Between a savage and autistic human­ being, Charles is not the kind of person you can easily put into categories. He follows his instincts and is mostly interested in fulfilling his own needs, which can be reduced to basic necessities. But solitude has led him to a kind of decadence, in which sexual acts and drunkenness have become part of a daily routine. read more >

23 April – 7 May 2016 @ insitu