Baloji, Ian Breakwell, Michelle Cheong, Ian Helliwell, Melanie Manchot, Lindsey Mendick, nova Milne, Leah Shore, Katja Tönnissen 

Exhibition curated by insitu collective 
( Marie Graftieaux, Nora Mayr, Gilles Neiens, Lauren Reid)

18 September - 29 November 2020 Viborg Kunsthal, Denmark

A happy ending?

A new beginning?

First comes the proposal, then the wedding and finally, so the story goes, comes the honeymoon. Originating in early-19th-century upper-class Great Britain, ‘honeymoon’ describes the custom of a newlywed couple going on a holiday together that marks the transition between unmarried and married. The word itself, however, dates back to the 5th century, to describe the month after a wedding when a newlywed couple drank the honey-based alcoholic drink mead during their first moon (or month) of marriage. While ‘honeymoon’ has a positive connotation today, it was first used as a term to warn newlyweds about the decline of love, with the first weeks of marriage as being the sweetest ones.

What happens when the newly minted couple sail off into the sunset? This exhibition invites you into the very tipping point between the most idealistic stage of committed love and the pending realities of ‘until death do us part’.

Lindsey Mendick, Having a Ball 2020. Ceramic photographed for postcard. Courtesy the artist.

Peau de Chagrin/Bleu de Nuit
2018 (video still). Video.
09:49 min. Courtesy Sudu Connexion and Baloji.

Leah Shore I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 2014 (video still). Video.
03:41 min.
Courtesy the artist.

Ian Helliwell Our Honeymoon 1997 (video still).
Digital file transferred from 8mm. 01:00 min.  Courtesy Light Cone (Paris) & Ian Helliwell.

nova Milne Videodromes For The Alone: Love Cats 1991/2007 (video still).
Archived VHS rotoscoped with HDV and animation. 02:18 min. Courtesy the artists.
Michelle Cheong
The Wedding Avenger
2011 (poster).
Video. 16:22 min. Courtesy the artist.

Ian Breakwell
In The Home
1980 (video still).
10:00 min.
SD Digital file transferred from 16mm. Courtesy LUX, London.

Melanie Manchot Kiss 2009 (video still). Video. 10:17 min. Courtesy Galeri M, Bochum; Parafin, London and the artist.

Honeymoon 2020 (install views with works by Katja Tönnissen). Courtesy the artist.

Honeymoon 2020 (install view). Viborg Kunsthal.